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Nowadays even if every manufacturer has competitive production, acceptable terms of tech support and after sales service itТs not enough to be the first in the race. ItТs very important that we should offer our clients the whole scope of services as well as financing.

Introduction of the leasing company into the chain linking the ultimate consumer and the manufacturer makes it possible to enlarge the scope of potential clients both for the manufacturer and for the leasing company thus upping the number of transactions and making easier sales of goods (in leasing transactions the leasing company always acts as the buyer relations with which are relied on the elaborated scheme).

The main stages of sales development are the elaboration of mutual production sales schemes, production sales under general leasing programs, conclusion of agreements on mutual coordination and decrease in ultimate production cost for clients by means of financial structuring.

The strategy of our developing company stipulates long-term partnership ties with contractors of foreign and inland equipment and transport.

A number of contractors and lessees could have worked with us because of our quick and experienced service of potential clients-both in the very beginning of our cooperation and at further stages.

The contractors working with us have a number of pluses:

  1. 1. Leasing is a financial tool helping the contractor to enlarge his sales volume as the consumer having only the part of the equipment cost can acquire equipment at its full cost via the leasing company and its assets.
  2. 2. Leasing contributes to the growing number of clients who couldnТt or didnТt want to divert the capital to purchase equipment, now they can become your clients;
  3. 3. Offering leasing service to your clients, your company receives the right for extra competitive plus attracting more potential clients.
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