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First step

As you see the financial terms of the leasing depend on the details of the project, equipment characteristics and the lessee. For you to check our financial condition, please, fill in the leasing form and send it to us. Within next three days we will analyze the form and send to you a preliminary financial proposal with the leasing payment graphics. Its important that the lessee shouldnt take up any extra payments. Face-to-face meetings before your getting our proposal arent necessary, but possible.

Second step

For further work at your project well inquire for a standard package of documents, business plan and TEO. At this stage the meeting with your companys representatives is desirable for us to take a deeper look at the project and find better ways of coordination, if such a meeting hasnt been held before.

After producing all necessary documents and choosing the working scheme it may take us three days or more to take a decision on financial matters.

Third step

After taking a decision on financial matters we take up work at leasing and delivery agreements. It may take us from 2 to 3 days depending on the project complexity.

All in all this process from the moment you applied to the leasing company and up till the conclusion of all agreements may take up a week and a half depending on the project complexity. To boost the process youd better start our cooperation by coming to us with the filled entry/ form and a package of documents.

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