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Leasing transaction scheme

Leasing transaction is trilateral: the participating parties are the client, equipment contactor and leasing company. As a rule, the client comes around quite aware of what kind of equipment he needs and who produces this equipment. The leasing company checks the seller, estimates the equipment and checks the client on financial solvency. After calling in the property (hereon the sellers area of responsibility is over) its set in lessors balance.

The leasing company on the clients request purchases the equipment from the seller chosen by the client and gives it in rent to the client. Standard leasing periods are 2-3 years.

As a rule, the leasing company pays 70-80 % of the equipment price, and the rest 30%, the client pays in advance. This ratio may range depending on the equipment liquidity and project unsafety. Generally theres no need in extra supply.

After all lease payments have been paid off, the equipment goes to the lessee.

Leasing is an investment tool making it possible for an enterprise to update its main funds and obtain advanced high-technology equipment without diverting its own means or resources.

Leasing is a means of financial backing where obtaining of development means goes together with enterprise tax structuring.

Leasing is a sort of investment activity where a lessor (a leasing company) buys equipment and gives it in rent to a lessee (a client) at a definite charge, for a specified period of time and on certain terms with further passing of property to a lessee.

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