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Autotransport leasing agreemnet preparatory set

  1. The lessee chooses the seller. Our specialists are long experienced in coordinating with more than 200 auto providers and can help you to make better choice.
  2. The lessee fills in the leasing entry.
  3. The lessee agrees with the leasing company on the time of reception and provides the company with the package of documents according to the list.
  4. The leasing company checks the lessee’s documents in two weeks, if favorable decision is taken, the company processes the documents and signs the leasing agreement, buy and sell agreement and if need be other documents with the lessee.
  5. The lessee signs the leasing agreement, buy and sell agreement, insurance agreement and pays to the lessor in advance within 3 days, after that he produces the copy of the remittance order at the sum of the advance payment to the leasing company with the following statement "Advance payment at leasing payments under the leasing agreement № ... dated .... including VAT... ";
  6. After getting advance payment the leasing company:
    • pays the seller’s bill:
    • gives the lessee the warrant for receipt of transport;
    • registers and signs with the lessee the leasing transport inspection report
    • pays all registration taxes;
    • produces a package of documents necessary for transport registration in GI BDD and GosTekhNadzor.
    • o makes out a letter of attorney for the lessee giving him the right to use the transport for 1;

Insurance transport requirements

  • The transport shall be insured in the insurance company agreed by the parties for the leasing period at terms of "Avtokasko" at 100% from the annual balance cost.
  • Under the insurance agreement our company is the beneficiary party.
  • Transport tax, Gi BDD service registration payment and vehicle inspection for first year use are included in the leasing payments and paid off in advance payments;
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