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Transport leasing

Transport leasing is very cost-effective for every company to update its transport as it enables legal bodies to purchase cars with minimal initial expenditures.

The advantages of acquiring transport in leasing:

  • Transport leasing makes it possible to significantly cut the tax base by appropriating leasing payments at the product cost.
  • Transport purchase in leasing gives the opportunity to the lessee to bring the automobiles depreciation to standards by using the advanced depreciation method.
  • Payment by installments reduces the initial financial loading on the enterprise-lessee.
  • The lessee is excused from paying property taxes as the transport is on the leasing companys balance.

Our company leases out the following motor and special materiel as well as new and used ones (4 years of use):

  • auto leasing;
  • truck leasing;
  • housing automotive equipment;
  • road-building leasing equipment.

Our companys terms for motor and special materiel leasing:

  • Leasing period up to 3 years
  • Advance under a debt - 020 %
  • Payments - monthly or individually
  • Annual appreciation 912 % (depending on advance payment)

We render leasing service to all lessees from all regions of the Russian Federation. Our specialists are always ready to answer your questions and find optimal terms of cooperation.

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