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Leasing advantages

New outlooks for your business

Basic supply scheme – the leasing equipment is the main supply. Owing to the leasing, the enterprise which hasn’t called in the equipment, and, in fact, not being its owner, has the opportunity to get the equipment and put it into the manufacturing process. You don’t freeze your current capital and at the same time you get the equipment of leading world and home manufacturers. Lease equipment not only warrants itself, but also increases your income.

Tax structuring

Balance index improvement of the enterprise-lessee. Lease payments are fully with net costs and decrease the tax base on income tax. VAT, paid by the leasing company, reduces VAT payments in the budget. At the expense of accelerated depreciation common property tax payment period is reduced three-fold. The lessee doesn’t pay property tax. Leasing makes it possible to use accelerated depreciation method with index 3, during the currency of the contract full or almost full equipment depreciation takes place, and the enterprise gets this equipment as its property at depreciated cost, saving up at paying off property tax. Lease-purchase in comparison with purchase on credit or purchase at your own means is cheaper, as the lessee gets the right, guaranteed by the law, to minimize taxing in case of acquiring lease equipment.

Useful scheme of pay-offs

The installed equipment pay-off is carried out periodically till up to the expiry date of the leasing agreement (one year or more). The elaboration of different lease payment schedules is also possible, as they can take into consideration specific lessee’s needs. This helps to build upon the budget of your business during the currency of the leasing agreement and manage financial streams.

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